Holy Panda switches: what are they and do you need them? - Space jump (2023)

Some of you may have heard of Holy Panda switches for the first time. But these switches are quite popular in the world of mechanical keyboards.

But what is special about these switches? In this guide, we will learn about these specific types of switches. So read on for the full scoop on these unique switches.

What are Holy Panda switches?

These days Holy Panda's switches are a combination of variouschange components. But the original model consists of two parts:

  • The case came from another spring loaded Panda switch (Invyr).
  • The stem or slider comes from a Halo True switch.

Hence the name Holy Panda. this switch combines the spring from an Invyr Panda linear switch together with the stem of the Halo haptic switch.

They are quite popular for them.touch designwith a rounded bulge. They are extremely rewarding if you put them on the correct keyboard.

Some brands have their own Holy Panda switches that are noticeably tactile but don't have a similar sound profile. Holy Panda switches are unique in their sound profile.

Holy Panda switches: what are they and do you need them? - Space jump (1)

Here's a video to give you a better idea of ​​what makes Holy Panda switches so special!

Holy Panda Switches FAQ

How do you feel;

A Holy Panda switch is tactile but famous for its soft click. You can find other switches that look the same, but the bumps on Holy Panda's switches are sharper, rougher, and closer. That is why the design and construction of these Holy Panda switches are unique.

The overall tactile feel of these switches is relatively comparable to Alps and Topre switches. This is precisely why feedback from these switches is so desirable.

If you compare them withcherry switches,holy alwaysoffers superior tactile feedback and is stiffer and softer.

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(Video) Do Holy Pandas thocc? - Drop Carina Build

Where to buy Holy Panda switches?

Holy Panda switches are available in-store and online at various hardware and electrical stores. Many brands make these switches. Polycarbonate is the material commonly used to make these switches.

They are strong and tend to last a long time. The best part is that you can easily buy them in any quantity from any brand and website, online or in store.

But if you're looking for good quality options, there are only a few places you can try them. Each store sells a different variant of it.original holy panda. So you will notice some variations in different models.


Drop is the first place to check out these switches and buying them on the site is pretty simple. Before them, you had to buy these switches separately fromhalo trueyIntroducing Panda.

You had to buy them separately and merge them together to make the Holy Panda switch. And now, all you have to do is order it on Drop. Of course, the price per switch is higher, but it saves a lot of time.

The price of these switches reflects the demand for the product, not the actual value of the plastic used to make these switches.

It's a mix and match because they ship the replica of the original switch. Here's an interesting story: the original tool used to make the Invyr Panda switches was lost and Drop had to create a replica of the mold. The company improved these parts and made the best possible copy.

The overall feel and look of the component is not very similar to the original and it has a stem similar to the Halo True. The company has gone through several versions of its design and had to modify its design to match the original to meet demand.

At first the units they produced had inconsistent performance and would lose control and have to run on a different type of oil.

But later, the company changed the plan. And now they sell their switches quite comfortably and these watches offer performance and feedback.

Glorious gaming PC

This company has launched to produce Holy Panda switches. However, few details are available on how these switches will feel and whether Glorious Panda switches can compete well with Drop switches in the long run.

But it will be interesting to see how it all plays out, as both companies will be driven by competition. The switches are definitely much more attractively priced compared to Drop switches.

What adds to the drama here is that Glorious insists that he has theoriginal toolused to develop Invyr Panda switches. this is the very tool that Drop claims to have lost.

However, Glorious also lacks executive tools. And to deal with it, they make their own version, which should beHalo True Clone.


You can also buy Holy Panda switches on Amazon and there are several different options to look for. Consider going for itLTC Santo Panda Switchthe one ofrunJRX.

(Video) The Holy Panda Grail | Holy Panda Switch Sound Test and Review

FallYou also have your options on Amazon, and the sameGlorious. There are also several other options you can explore, depending on the performance you're looking for and your budget.

Is it click?

So are they Holy Panda click switches? Well those switches don't click. They may have a similar click to conventional clicking switches, but Holy Panda's switches do not make clicking sounds.

They're worth it?

If you're a fan of tactile switches, you'll love these Holy Panda switches. The best thing about them is that there are various types of these switches that you can find on the market and many are available at an affordable price.

Holy Panda is one of the best tactile switches available on the market. So if you are looking for the best quality tactical switches for your needs, you have to choose Holy Pandas, hands down!

Are they good to play?

These switches are heavy as they weigh around 67 grams actuation. And if you were using Gateron wipe switches or even astandard cherry switch, you will feel some fatigue.

This is mainly due to weight. you have to press each key harder.

Trademark issues

As both Glorious and Drop make Holy Panda switches, there is some controversy surrounding the branding of these switches.

Drop lo poseeHalo Stems true and gloriousis the owner of the Invyr Panda residence. Both claim the rights to the name, but neither has the full tools for the change.

But actually, Holy Panda switches are a community creation. Therefore, no company should own the rights to its production or name. But on the other hand, the competition is good as consumers can get quality switches in the market.

This will only happen if neither company can get the production rights or the name of the Holy Panda switches, otherwise consumers will be forced to buy them.

Holy Panda switches: what are they and do you need them? - Space jump (2)

Alternatives to Holy Panda

A few years ago, the original tooling needed to develop these Holy Panda switches was lost. But many companies have accelerated the development of these switches, and the plans tend to get pretty close.

However, it is not 100 percent identical to those originally developed years ago. These are some of the variations that you can find on the market today.

GSUS Panda

It is one of the first remakes of the original Holy Panda switch model. But these variants were developed as an affordable alternative to the original model.

And invite you to the Panda Santo

This is the original incarnation of the Holy Panda switches which combined the stem of a Halo True/Clear switch and the V1 Invyr Panda switch housing.

(Video) Drop made NEW Holy Panda Switches? - I WON'T lube them.

Drop+Invyr Panda Santo

Invyr partnered with Drop to develop the Holy Panda version of these switches. Drop Panda switches are a faithful representation of the original design.

But this design has had significant issues with performance and build consistency, especially lubrication. Add to this that people have complained about the makeup of the residency that Drop created. But these Holy Panda switches are pretty good, overall.

Not always

Novel Keys Holy Panda switch variants are available in different colors. But they all behave similarly. These switches come in colors like Trash, Polar, Mint, and Red.

These switches are also readily available. These variants are another recreation of the original Inver Panda switches. However,YOK switches are linearand are often used to build new switches.

glorious always

Glorious, as mentioned above, has tried to make changes to Holy Panda. This model may be similar to the original and claims to use the same casing as the original. But they have designed their own strain to replace the original Halo strain.

other variations

There are a few other models and variations that you may have seen on the market. But the most notable models and variants are those mentioned above.

Frequent questions

Are Holy Pandas good switches?

Holy Panda's switches are pretty cool and worth a try. This is especially true if you prefer to use tactile buttons. The good thing is that there are several variants on the market, so you can find them cheap.

So if you are interested in buying oneTouch switchand you want something popular in the gaming community, then Holy Panda switches are very good at what they do and they last a long time too.

What are the true switches of Holy Panda?

The actual Holy Panda switches were a combination of the housing borrowed from the Invyr Panda and the stem borrowed from a Halo True switch. They were created by swapping the stem and cover of two different switches to create a combination of the two.

(Video) Holy Panda X Switch Review

Invyr Panda switches are rare, so users have turned their attention to the YOK cabinets and the new Panda GSUS cabinet to create the replacements and still call them Holy Panda.

Is Holy Panda hot swappable?

Holy Panda switches are fully compatible with Cherry PCBs and can be hot swapped with barebones kits. These kits include Drop ALT, SHIFT, CTRL, ENTR, Planck, Preonic, and Carina.

Are Holy Panda switches pre-lubricated?

Although these Holy Panda switches do not need to be modified in any way after installing them, acorrect application of lubricantand shots tend to make this quality tactile switch much better.

The Glorious Pandas come pre-lubricated and also come with G-Lube which has been expertly pre-applied to the top housing along with the stem and spring on all switches.

Are the Holy Panda switches tactile?

Yes, Holy Panda's switches are tactile. However, they are well known for theirsmooth strokethat extends Other switches are not as tactile as these Holy Panda switches.

But you'll notice that these haptic switches have a shorter, rougher, and sharper stroke. And that's why these switches are quite unique.


All three are widely available.Holy Panda Switcheson the market are YOK Trash Panda, Glorious Panda and Drop Holy Panda.

But currently, Drop's Holy Panda switches are the most authentic design, closest to the original switch. But this is only true if you have the most consistent, high-quality batch.

This clone also comes at a hefty price tag: the Glorious Holy Panda switches are cheaper and pretty close in terms of performance. But you will notice that their stems wobble and their sound is less like a click.

YOK Trash Pandas aren't really Holy Pandas, but they pack a punch and with that offer comparable performance. They are even sharper than Glorious Pandas.

(Video) Accessible and Affordable: Glorious Panda Switch Review

So the Drop Pandas are the closest in terms of performance. But if 90 percent performance is enough for you and you want to save money, consider going with Glorious.

Again, let's hope the trademark drama between these two companies dies down and neither can get the rights because it's a community creation.


What are holy panda switches? ›

Holy Panda switches are a community favorite, they were created through experimentation by swapping the housing and stem of two different switches to make the ultimate frankenswitch. The Holy Panda switch is the combination of the stem of a Halo True and the housing of a Invyr Panda.

What is the best switch for Holy Pandas? ›

Though the quality control isn't perfect, when you get a perfect set of Holy Pandas, they are some of the most satisfying tactile switches to use. For these reasons, the Drop x Invyr Holy Panda is our choice for overall winner.

What is the travel distance of holy panda switches? ›

Named 'Holy Panda X', these Holy Panda-inspired switches featured a 3.5 mm travel distance and a 65g. bottom out spring while also being lubed with a moderate amount of factory lube on the leaves and stems of the switches.

How many pins do panda switches have? ›

Glorious Panda Switch (Non Lubed Switches) - 36x Plate Mounted 3 pin Switches for Keyboard - Mechanical Keyboard Switches.

How do you make holy pandas? ›

Being that Holy Pandas are made by taking the Black POM stem out of an Invyr housing, and replacing it with a Halo True or Halo Clear stem, the Unholy Panda is the frankenswitch that can be made out of the of the remaining leftovers from a Holy Panda creation - a Halo housing and the Black POM Invyr stem.

What do silver switches do? ›

Both the Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers are linear switches with no tactile bump and offer and smooth and consistent keystroke. The MX Speed Silvers activate faster and have a shorter travel distance making them a better option for gaming.

What is the fastest switch for gaming? ›

If you want a switch that's really fast for gaming, the Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver are your best bets. But if you need a well rounded switch, for typing/gaming, the Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches are great options. What is this? Happy typing!

What is the best Zelda type game switch? ›

In the meantime though, there is an ever-growing lineup of Zelda-esque romps for fans to become immersed in.
  • 15 Hyper Light Drifter.
  • 16 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. ...
  • 17 Link's Awakening. ...
  • 18 Xenoblade Chronicles 2. ...
  • 19 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. ...
  • 20 Hades. ...
  • 21 Immortals Fenyx Rising. ...
  • 22 Raji: An Ancient Epic. ...
Dec 29, 2022

Are Holy Panda switches worth it? ›

If you're a tactile switch fan, then yes, Holy Pandas are definitely worth trying, especially now there are many types of Holy Pandas available at reasonable prices. Holy Pandas are often considered a top tier tactile switch, so if you're looking to end game your tactile journey, Holy Pandas are viable choice.

What is a holy llama switch? ›

MK Holy Llama is a tactile switch with a medium 55g actuation force and PCB mount.

Should you lube holy pandas? ›

To fully unlock the potential of Drop + Invyr Holy Panda switches you NEED to lube them.

Are Holy Pandas 3 pin or 5 pin? ›

Drop Holy Panda X (3-pin)Drop Halo Clear
Sound Level:QuietQuiet
Pins / Compatibility:3-pin / plate-mounted Cherry-style PCB's3-pin / plate-mounted Cherry-style PCB's
5 more rows

Is there a 2 pin switch? ›

The 2 pin rocker switch allows you to turn a device on/off. Say you have a 12V device, it has a positive and negative. What you do is connect the negative to the device, and then the positive to the rocker switch.

Is 5 pin better than 3 pin switches? ›

However, if you are deciding between a 3-pin or 5-pin switch set, go with the 5-pin. 5 Pin switches are more stable and more easily aligned to the holes in the PCB when you are inserting them because of two additional small plastic legs.

What is the best switch for keyboard? ›

Cherry MX Brown is widely considered to be the best “middle-ground” switch. Its tactile bump, silent travel, and medium actuation force makes it a versatile switch. Because the tactile bump is produced by a bump in the interruption fin, the hysteresis is less pronounced than the Cherry MX Blue.

How many keys does a 75 keyboard have? ›

You may be familiar with the 75% keyboard because most laptops come with a 75% keyboard. The 84 keys layout streamlined the function keys, but kept the commonly used directional keys and F keys.

What is the original Holy Panda? ›

The original Holy Panda was made with Halo stem in a Invyr Panda switch. Due to scarcity of the Invyr Panda, enthusiasts have turned to instead using GSUS "New Panda" or YOK switch housings as substitutes - and some have still called those Holy Pandas.

What color switch is good? ›

If you like the classic, clicky sound and feel, you'll love blue mechanical switches. If speed is a consideration, stick to linear (red) switches, and for a mix of both, go with brown.

What is the fastest Cherry switch? ›

Designed for gaming speed, the Speed Silver is the fastest full-height switch in the Cherry MX lineup. It features a short 1.2 mm pre-travel and 3.4 mm total travel distance, no-click linear operation, and 45 cN resistance. Like Cherry MX Reds, Speed Silver switches are rated for 100 million actuations.

Are cherry reds good? ›

Red vs Blue Switches

Cherry MX Red is the go-to mechanical switch for FPS gaming because MX Reds are very light, which means holding down movement keys for extended periods isn't so tiring. They're also linear, meaning there's no tactile bump when the key registers.

Are red switches loud? ›

The main difference between the two switches comes down the feel and sound. Red switches are super smooth and are relatively quiet, while Blue switches have a bump and are very loud.

What are the loudest switches? ›

So-called “clicky” switches tend to be the loudest because they feature an extra piece specifically built to elicit a noise and tactile sensation on keypresses: either a click bar that makes sounds when the switch is actuated and released or a click jacket that only makes a sound on actuation.

Are red switches quiet? ›

Silent switches reduce the decibel output of your keyboard significantly. With a Cherry MX Red/Black silent switch there is a 13 dB or 78% decrease in the total sound output of a keyboard. If you're looking for a switch that makes you keyboard quieter, silent switches work very well.

Which Zelda is most fun? ›

The 10 Best Legend of Zelda Games of All Time
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002. ...
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (1993. ...
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (2013. ...
  • The Legend of Zelda (1986. ...
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006. ...
May 15, 2023

What is the coolest Zelda game? ›

Breath of the Wild

Forget the nitpicking about weapon durability, the sparse (but omnipresent) narrative, or the optionality of almost everything. The freedom of choice and inviting design of its world is what makes Breath of the Wild not just the greatest Zelda game, but one of the greatest games ever made.

Which Zelda is the best to start? ›

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (again)

Breath of the Wild is a fantastic entry point into the series, especially for new players. It's maybe the most popular game in the franchise, and it completely reimagines what a Zelda game can be.

Are holy pandas hot swappable? ›

COMPATIBILITY: Holy Panda switches are compatible with plate-mounted Cherry-style PCB's and are perfect for hot-swap compatible barebones kits such as the Drop ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, ENTR, Carina, Planck, and Preonic.

Are yellow switches good? ›

Gateron Yellow Switches are a very good switch option for those who like linear switches for mechanical keyboards . It's a very smooth, quiet, vertical pressing sensation with no clicky feel. Good for working in the office, longterm typing, and even gaming. The actuation force of Gateron Yellow is 50g.

Can I use Vaseline to lube switches? ›

The short answer is: don't. Petroleum jellies and Vaseline tend to degrade plastics over time. While you may be alright for a while, the risk of damaging your switches or even your board is too high. It's definitely not worth the risk as a tub of Krytox or dielectric grease only costs around $10.

How do you clean a lubed switch? ›

Method 01 : Alcohol Swabs
  1. Step 01 Remove excess lubricant. ...
  2. Step 02 Dip Q-Tip in Alcohol. ...
  3. Step 03 Wipe Away Lube from Bottom Housing. ...
  4. Step 04 Wipe Away Lube From Top Housing. ...
  5. Step 05 Wipe Away Lube From Stem. ...
  6. Step 06 Soak Springs in Alcohol (Reverse Bag Lube) ...
  7. Step 07 Air Dry.

Is it OK not to lube switches? ›

Lubing the switches can help lessen that. In terms of sound quality, it can give a satisfying deep sound. They also feel much smoother compared to scratchy unlubed switches. However, if you're into clicky switches, we would advise you to avoid lubing them as it can mute their clickiness.

What is a flamingo switch? ›

Full polycarbonate housing. The Flamingo is a 5-pin switch that features a box-shaped stem. The bottom and top housing is made of polycarbonate and we have a POM stem. The full polycarbonate housing should make for an interesting sound signature, as we're more accustomed to a nylon bottom housing on linear switches.

What is a purple slush switch? ›

MK Purple Slush is a linear switch with a medium 50g actuation force and PCB mount.

Are tactile switches loud? ›

What is this? Tactile switches produce a bump of varying sizes (depending on the switch) and emit a small clicky sound. The tactile switches are not quite as loud as a clicky switch, so you should be able to use them in a public setting without drawing too much attention to yourself with the noise.

Is flavored lube safe for VAG? ›

Never use flavored lubes for vaginal intercourse—they contain sugar (glucose) and can cause yeast infections. Lubes containing glycerine can also trigger yeast infections.

Should you put lube in your mouth? ›

If swallowed, oil-based lubricants can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If some enters the airway (aspiration), this can cause choking, coughing, and other respiratory problems.

Does lube need water? ›

But even though water is an essential component to many lube products, it won't do a whole lot on its own — and it might actually work against you. Dousing your, uh, hoo-ha in water essentially washes away your body's own natural lubricant, according to Idries Abdur-Rahman, a board-certified OB/GYN.

What are MMD Holy Pandas? ›

The MMD Holy Panda switches are crafted with heavy initial force, and the end force is up to 62g. They are perfect for those who enjoy a heavy tactile typing experience. For those who are not used to heavy typing experience, the 55g version is also a perfect choice to find the beauty in this switch.

Why is 5 pin better than 3 pin? ›

Instead, the simple difference is that 5 pin switches have 2 more plastic “legs” (pins), than a 3 pin switch. The addition of 2 extra “legs” (pins) allow for more stability when inserted into the keyboard. This ensures that the switch is less likely to come out of the keyboard when using it.

How many pins do Tecsee carrots have? ›

Tecsee Purple Panda PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches | Cherry-Style | Mechanical Gaming Keyboards | Long Stem | Plate Mounted | SMD 5 Pin RGB Switches for Backlit Keyboard (Carrot 90)

What are 4 pin switches? ›

Four pin switches are commonly used on breadboards and have kinks in the pins for that purpose. Two pin switches, or any other number with straight pins, are intended for soldering to a PCB (printed circuit board).

What is a 2 way switch called? ›

A SPDT is called a 2-way switch in the European Union, and a 3-way switch in North America. A SPDT switch has 3 terminals. It will have one terminal in and 2 terminals out. Each terminal on a SPDT switch has a name.

Is Anne Pro 2 hot-swappable? ›

It can also be used in wired mode with the USB-C cable. The only thing missing really is that it is not hot swappable.

Is the Ducky One 2 hot-swappable? ›

Is the Ducky One 2 Mini Hot-Swappable? The Ducky One 2 Mini is not hot-swappable. You will need to desolder the switches to remove them from the keyboard.

What is a plate switch? ›

Plate Switches. Adaptive plate switches are designed to help adults and children with motor disabilities. When a person has poor motor skills or their hands cannot provide sufficient force or pressure, plate switches may be used to activate adapted toys and games, learning devices, and adapted electronic gadgets.

Are Holy Pandas mechanical or optical? ›

You know, Holy Panda Switch was created through experimentation by swapping the two different switches. It is one of the snappiest tactile mechanical switches too, available on the market.

Is Holy Panda a Frankenswitch? ›

The Holy Panda is possibly the most well-known frankenswitch in the mechanical keyboard community. This is all thanks to Quakemz of Top Clack who discovered them. Frakenswitch – A switch made from other parts of another switch.

Are Holy Pandas hot swappable? ›

COMPATIBILITY: Holy Panda switches are compatible with plate-mounted Cherry-style PCB's and are perfect for hot-swap compatible barebones kits such as the Drop ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, ENTR, Carina, Planck, and Preonic.

Is Holy Panda good for gaming? ›

Holy Pandas are quite a heavy switch at 67 grams actuation. If you're coming from a fast gaming switch or even just a regular Cherry MX switch, the difference in weight to push a key will definitely cause some fatigue. I would only recommend gaming with Holy Pandas if you are used to heavier switches for gaming.

What are the best gaming keyboard switches? ›

If you want a switch that's really fast for gaming, the Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver are your best bets. But if you need a well rounded switch, for typing/gaming, the Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches are great options.

Should you lube Holy Pandas? ›

To fully unlock the potential of Drop + Invyr Holy Panda switches you NEED to lube them.

How many keys are in a 60 keyboard? ›

How Many Keys Does a 60 Percent Keyboard Have? A standard, full-size keyboard has 104 keys. Technically speaking, that means a 60 percent keyboard should have 62 keys, and a 65 percent keyboard should have 67 or 68 keys.

How many keys are in a 65 percent keyboard? ›

How many keys does a 65% have? 65% keyboards generally have 66 to 68 keys. It doesn't have the F row or numpad. 65% is home to a lot of unique keyboards that are filling a niche that is growing in popularity.

Are ducky keyboards hot-swappable? ›

All standard Ducky One 3 mechanical keyboards are hot-swappable and feature Kailh's hot-swap sockets.

Are glorious panda switches linear? ›

Glorious Lynx switches

Essentially the linear version of Glorious Pandas. The Lynx uses the same materials and same construction but swaps the tactile stem of the Pandas for a smooth, linear stem and a slightly lighter 60g spring.

Are Holy Pandas Cherry MX style? ›

DROP + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches - Plate Mounted Tactile Switches, Cherry MX Style, 67g Spring, by Kailh (70 PCS)


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