Tips for driving in Malta | How we drive and rules on the road (2023)

Travel around the island in a fun way

Driving in Malta is dedicated to those who come on vacation and intend to rent a car. It is important to learn some driving tips. It is one of the many ways howturn mortar.

Since Malta is a small island, traffic is very heavy, especially during rush hours, which are usually early in the morning and late in the evening. One of the advantages that Malta has is that the distances are short compared to other European countries. So driving in Malta should be enjoyable and you will have plenty of time for plenty of activities.

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The quality of the road network has improved a lot in the last 25 years. In recent years, EU funds have also been used to upgrade the main arterial road networks to a higher level.

Traffic regulations in Malta

  • In itemergency caseyou mustcall 112.
  • HeMinimum driving age in Malta he is eighteen (18)years.
  • Youmust have a valid licenseto drive on the highway. It must not have expired.
  • Your car must have insuranceand onevalid driver's licensebefore hitting the road.
  • You mustNever drive a car that is not insured for you.
  • You mustI obey the signson the road.
  • Never park on double yellow lines.
  • In itroundabouts give way to trafficapproaching from the right.
  • Never drink and drive.You must not drive with a breath alcohol level greater than 35 µg/100 ml or a blood alcohol level greater than 80 mg/100 ml (ie a limit of 80 mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood).
  • using youmobile phone while driving is illegal.
  • All passengers in the car must wear a seat belt.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit.

Speed ​​limits in Malta

  • In residential areas the speed limit is 50 km/h or 31 mph.
  • On main roads it is 60 km/h to 80 km/h (37 mph to 50 mph)

In which parking spaces can I park?

  • White parking spaces:General parking for the public (available on all islands)
  • yellow paint:Parking is strictly prohibited - it's usually double yellow lines. He finds them where there are garages and near roadsides.
  • Green parking spaces:For residents and are available 24 hours a day (these apply to Valletta residents).
  • blue parking spacesThey are available from 08:00 to 18:00.

parking in Valletta

For the green and blue parking spaces, you will be fined if you park in them due to the fact that they are for limited people only. They are controlled by the Valletta Control Vehicular Access System (CVA).

HeVehicle access control system(CVA), used in Valletta, uses dedicated cameras installed at various points around Valletta to monitor cars entering and leaving. Depending on the parking time in Valletta, the driver of the car pays a small fee based on the number of parking hours.

Monday to Friday (08:00 to 18:00)

Tips for driving in Malta | How we drive and rules on the road (2)

What we think about driving in Malta

You should consider this type of transport

Driving can be very stressful at times because of the traffic there. On top of this, parking has now become more difficult than ever. However, driving is what we do every day and we go everywhere with our vehicle.

Since Malta is very small, distances are short, and you find many cars on the way, I would recommend renting a car if you plan to visit many places that are difficult to reach.Public transportationor if you want to visit as much of Malta as possible in a short period of time.

We recommend and use Discover Cars.

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(Video) Driving in Malta 101: The Unwritten Rules of the Road

Facts to know about driving in Malta

  • Here in Malta it will benot finding roads or highways. The main roads are the motorways of Malta. It is a highway (2 lanes on both sides).
  • no toll roadsanywhere on the island.
  • In heavy traffic jams, you will find security guards (dark green uniforms) directing traffic.
  • Malta drives on the left side of the roadlike in the UK and some other countries. You are overtaking on the right hand side. Here in Malta we useright hand drive carswe alsodrive on the left side of the road. You'll have to get used to it unless you're from the UK.
  • You can identify rental cars by looking at their license plate, as they will have a K or O or company emblem on the car.
  • There is onepenalty point systemwith a maximum of 12 points. When you arrive, your license will be suspended.
  • Traffic wardens can be found in many areas, they are very vigilant for minor infractions such as parking on yellow lines, speeding, using mobile phones while driving. The fine for this crime is high.
  • It is illegal to use handheld or hands-free mobile devices while driving.
  • Parking in some of the major towns and cities may be limited, so using park and drive services is recommended.
  • Getting around Malta is not difficult as there are many signs to help you navigate the islands. You have to be careful and follow the traffic until you get used to it. At the same time we try to give you basic details as we believe that life is precious.
  • During your vacation, you will have many places that you want to visit, so a car is more suitable to get you from one place to another.
  • You will be able to visit places in Malta that are not accessible by public transport.
  • Although public transport is cheap and useful to visit
  • Using a car will save you a lot of time when you travel, unless you are stuck in traffic.
  • The distances are very short, so driving from one place to another will not take you long.

Tips for driving in Malta | How we drive and rules on the road (3)

Tips for driving safely in Malta

I am getting lost

It is very easy to get lost here, even more so if you don't know our island. If you get lost, don't panic, just find a safe place to park and recalibrate where you are. Don't cause chaos and stop in the middle of the road if you are driving and suddenly go off the road.

Make sure you have a map with you or download Google Maps on your mobile phone.

There are many easy to use road signs to help you navigate the island.

maltese drivers

Most of the drivers in Malta are Maltese. This is growing day by day where the majority of the population (over 18 years of age) owns a vehicle.

Unfortunately, there are many Maltese who drive recklessly, so be vigilant.

Callsigns are something many Maltese don't use, but they should be used, so use them.

Malta has many roundabouts so be aware as many drivers do not give way and also use markers to let drivers know where you are going.

gas stations in Malta

Although we are small, you find a lotfuel stations(a lot in fact). They are all available 24/7 where during the day you find mates to fill your tank.


With the incredible number of cars increasing daily on Malta's roads, traffic is one of Malta's biggest challenges. Today there are no rush hours anymore since technically the traffic starts from 06:00 to 20:00. There will be gaps between those times when traffic will stop.

Tips for driving in Malta | How we drive and rules on the road (4)

(Video) GROOVE Motoring School Malta - Roundabouts (+356 9945 8227)

parking in malta

With so many cars, parking has also become a challenge. But if you are patient you will surely find it.

Speed ​​cameras in Malta

Around the island you will find severalhigh speed camerawith different speed limits. Watch for signs that will warn you of them.

What is driving like in Malta?

Many people drive from Malta to Gozo every day. In this video, a local is driving from Valletta to Gozo. This video will give you a very good indication of the drivers in Malta and also the type of roads on the island.

The video is by Marko Ignjatovic

Other modes of transportation besides driving

The 5 Best Beaches for Swimming in Mal...

Top 5 Beaches for Swimming in Malta

If driving in Malta isn't too important to you, there are other ways to travel around the island.

1. Public transport:The only public transport system in Malta is the bus. Public transportation is quite easy to use.

  • Routes by location: All routes go to all towns and cities on the Maltese islands.
  • Hotel bus routes: X Route buses run from Malta International Airport to the main residential areas of Malta.
  • school bus routes: Routes to Institutes 6th Malta, University and MCAST.
  • Night bus routes: Night outings to Malta from the afternoon until dawn.

2. Tourist bus:This service is very suitable if you want to go around the island and visit the main attractions of Malta and Gozo.

  • Blue North Attractions: This is one of the routes that goes to the north and central area of ​​the island.
  • South Red Attractions: This route goes from the central part of Malta towards the south.
  • night tour: This route gives you the opportunity to see Malta at night. This tour only goes to the central and most touristic part of the island.
  • Excursions to the island of Gozo: This route goes around the island of Gozo.

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How to drive a car in Malta? ›

In Malta and Gozo, driving is on the left. There are speed limits of 80 km/h on the open road and 50 km/h in built-up areas, unless otherwise indicated on relevant road signs. If you intend to rent a car or drive in Malta, it is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance.

What side is the steering wheel in Malta? ›

However, it should be noted that Malta uses left-hand driving. Serving as a reminder of its past British colonisation, the Maltese drive on the left side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right of vehicles.

Is Malta easy to drive in? ›

Is it hard to drive in Malta? Generally speaking, it's tricky. The island is small and there are a lot of cars. This means congestion, impatient drivers, and narrow roads.

Why do people drive on the left in Malta? ›

One of the things that Malta inherited from British rule is driving on the left side of the road. Imported cars all of the steering wheel located on the right hand side. You'll also hear the Maltese saying “We drive on the shady side of the road”.


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